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The Bulanek's Miniature
Schnauzers & Schnoodles

You are more than welcome to come visit us, our
Miniature Schnauzer puppies and Schnoodle
Puppies and their parents. Our dogs receive all the
attention they command and deserve. They are
handled by our daughter (10 year old Karlee) and
ourselves everyday - all day. They are exposed to the
everyday sights, sounds and smells that you would
find in your home. What this means to you is that by
instilling early socialization we are confident that
you're newest family member will want to greet your
family, friends and visitors with a spirited, fun loving
playful attitude that we can't resist. We can not,
however, allow our newborn pups to be handled
before they are 4 weeks old. This is for the safety,
health and well being of our pups.
Schnauzer's are like potato chips - you can't just have one!!
Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies are sold with an AKC limited registration, Schnoodle puppies are
sold with an ACHC registration. All our puppies are sold with a one year health guarantee which
covers life threatening congenital defects. Our puppies all have natural ears. The Miniature Schnauzer
puppies and the ACHC Schnoodle puppies have their tails docked. We believe in giving 2 sets of
puppy shots before our little pups enter their new homes for their safety and all around well being.

We make it our goal to continue to learn all we can about our breed and to pass the information on to
anyone interested in learning more.
A little bit of information about us before you enter our

We are a small breeder who focuses on the health and
happiness of our AKC Miniature Schnauzers and ACHC
Schnoodles. We specialize in the high standards of
enhancing the qualities of the Miniature Schnauzer breed
and raising the standards for the F1 Schnoodle Hybrid. We
are the owners of both parents. Our puppies will range from
7 to 15 pounds. All of our AKC Miniature Schnauzer puppies
and our ACHC F1 hybrids puppies are raised to be
wonderful companions, well socialized and ready to bring
happiness into your home. Most our dogs have a
We raise the best Miniature
Schnauzer Puppies in Texas!
AKC Mini
ACHC Schnoodle, Chloe